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Set in the late 24th century, Star Trek: Gemini continues the stories of the final frontier. Here, you will find some of the both novice and experienced creative writers who have come together to continue the journey and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Our story takes place aboard the Starship Gemini, one of Obsidian Fleet's finest Galaxy-class Explorers. Tried and true, she and her crew have proven themselves in combat, diplomacy, disaster relief, and exploration. Now, at the dawn of a new decade, they must meet all new challenges amidst an ever-changing galaxy.

Do you have what it takes to be a Starfleet officer, enlisted crewman, marine, or civilian serving aboard the Starship Gemini? We have immediate openings available, and we welcome players of all levels of experience. The adventure of a lifetime awaits! Visit our Recruitment Center to get started!

CAPT Thomas P. Hansen
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini NCC-72635

Current Mission & Operating Status

Operating Mode: Condition Green
Location: Neutral Space
Destination: Dominion Space

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USS Gemini exploring anomalies.

Brief History

The Starship Gemini was named for the Graeco-Roman myth of Castor and Pollux. In the myth, the twins shared a human mother but different fathers. Pollux was the son of the god Zeus and therefore immortal. Castor, however, was the son of the mortal Tyndareus; he, too, was also mortal. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share in his immortality, and they were transformed into the constellation Gemini. Today, they were the patrons of sailors on Earth, Saint Elmo's light.

Following the Dominion War, there came a decade's long fragile peace in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Starfleet slowly returned to the days of exploration, and the Galaxy-class USS Gemini NCC-72635 was assigned to the front lines of the final frontier.

Following her mission of exploration, Gemini went through a major overhaul due to years of service to Starfleet. She was to return to her duty of exploration; however, the destruction of Romulus fundamentally changed the balance of power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and Gemini anticipates a mission of humanitarian and peacekeeping duties, perhaps deep within the Romulan frontier.

Star Trek: Gemini is an award-winning simulation!

Latest News Items

» Additional Sim Staff: Nwaro Polak

Posted on Mon Dec 1st, 2014 @ 8:40pm by Captain Thomas Hansen in General News


Please join in welcoming Matt, the player behind LT Nwaro Polak, to the sim staff. He will be contributing to character application reviews, crew awards, keeping the Wiki updated, helping new players get started, and mission/plot development.

As always, if you ever have concerns or need assistance, you can always reach out to any sim staff member to help you. The current sim staff is myself (Josh), T'Ria (Mel), and Nwaro (Matt).


Gemini Staff

» IC News: Deck 14 Offices off limit due to flooding

Posted on Mon Dec 1st, 2014 @ 7:19pm by Lieutenant Nwaro Polak in General News

An urgent report for all hands, from the Chief of Operations

I'm sorry to inform you that due to and incident with one of the Water Recycling Facilities, the science and counselling offices no Deck 14 will be off limits to all personnel from MD01 1230 hours, for a period of 36 hours (Until MD03-0000 hours) while the problem is corrected (and the space dried out). This also extends to the Duckblind.

Operations and Engineering will be working to re-open the section as soon as possible, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. All other areas of the deck remain open to duty personnel, however access may be limited- The Stardrive section of the deck remains unaffected.

I thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

LT Nwaro Polak
Chief of Operations
USS Gemini

(Related post to follow shortly)

» Milestone Awards

Posted on Sun Nov 30th, 2014 @ 10:04pm by Captain Thomas Hansen in General News


Please join me in congratulating a few players on significant milestones in their time with Star Trek: Gemini!

First, because of a rather catastrophic database loss with our first host, I am actually about four months late in congratulating these players on reaching the two-year mark with our sim:

- Commander T'Ria, Executive Officer
- Lieutenant Paul Winchester, Chief Flight Control Officer
- Ensign Cindy Chandler, Engineering Officer

Next, congratulations to this dynamic medical department duo for their outstanding writing and contributions as they reach their six month anniversary!

- Lieutenant Dr. Janet Myles, Chief Medical Officer
- Lieutenant JG Laural Witley, Chief Counselor

I would like to personally thank each of you for excellent storytelling and your commitment to the game!

CAPT Thomas Hansen
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini

» New Player: LTJG Llania

Posted on Sun Nov 30th, 2014 @ 9:57pm by Captain Thomas Hansen in General News

Hello, all!

Please join me in welcoming LTJG Llania to our ranks! She has accepted the position of deputy chief engineer, which is incredibly important considering our chief engineer has been out on an extended leave of absence due to real-life commitments.

As she works to get started within our mission (already in progress), please make her welcome by starting those JPs!

Welcome aboard!

CAPT Thomas Hansen
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini

» New Player: LTJG Kaithrae Ryan

Posted on Sat Nov 29th, 2014 @ 7:03pm by Captain Thomas Hansen in General News

Hello, everyone!

Please join me in welcoming LTJG Kaithrae Ryan to our sim as our new chief communications officer! She is filling the vacancy left by Aidan Datari when he moved to the vacancy in intelligence several months ago. I strongly recommend you read through LTJG Ryan's biography, as it is quite an interesting read!

Let's all welcome LTJG Ryan to our ranks by starting those JPs with her!

Happy roleplaying!

CAPT Thomas Hansen
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini

Latest Mission Posts

» Into the Woods

Mission: Iris
Posted on Fri Dec 19th, 2014 @ 7:31am by Lieutenant JG Curither Bran

Bran lounged on his couch, in his quarters, feet propped up on an ottoman, watching a holovid he found in the database. Meetok lay on the couch to his side, his head settled in Bran's lap. Every so often he would look up, expectant that some of the roasted khevits…

» Federation Today: Pray For Peace

Mission: Iris
Posted on Thu Dec 18th, 2014 @ 3:37pm by Lieutenant JG Curither Bran

Khymi Roz set down the clipboard and looked up, automatically flipping back one artfully loosened and curled lock of hair. Her smile was plastic fantastic, but shrewdness hid behind her piercing gold stare. Behind her, the Federation News Service logo beamed while the bottom of the screen featured news scrawl…

» Torrential Tumult

Mission: Iris
Posted on Wed Dec 17th, 2014 @ 4:59pm by Captain Thomas Hansen & Commander T'Ria


The new chief communications officer, Lieutenant Ryan, had just managed to decrypt the messages that had originated in Lieutenant Bran's quarters and sent them to T'Ria's PADD. Armed with that and the computer-provided answer where the Captain would be at this hour, she left the bridge and swiftly walked…

» Wits

Mission: Iris
Posted on Wed Dec 17th, 2014 @ 1:22pm by Randala & Lieutenant Janet Myles


She walked down the corridor with a medical kit in her hand, Randalas arrest had been overturned by the Captain sparing Janet the annoyance of having to ask Bran for permission to see her. From the rumours regarding the meeting between the Vorta and three senior staff members, Janet…

» Adrenaline check

Mission: Iris
Posted on Wed Dec 17th, 2014 @ 12:27pm by Lieutenant Janet Myles & Lieutenant JG S'tasi Shadow-walker

She rubbed her forehead as she looked down at the padd on her desk, she wanted nothing more than to be free to resume her lab work but the minor annoyances of sickbay seemed never ending the last few days. Reaching up she tapped her comm. Badge and said. “Lieutenant…

Latest Personal Logs

» Changes

Posted on Mon Dec 1st, 2014 @ 5:22pm by Commander T'Ria

Computer, being personal log.

New position.
New rank.
New uniform.
New office.
New quarters.

None of which I expected when I reported for duty only this morning. Since then, a lot has happened, not all of which positive. Overall, it has been a most eventful day. A day I never…

» There and back again.

Posted on Fri Oct 31st, 2014 @ 2:33am by Lieutenant JG S'tasi Shadow-walker

"So I suppose I Should be taking Notes for the transition period aboard the ship," She muttered staring down at the small PADD on her desk. "First day went about as terrible as I expected, Ran into another Vulcan, Though It turns out this one is my boss…" She muttered…

» Opening Log - MD 01 (Backpost)

Posted on Fri Aug 29th, 2014 @ 4:05pm by Lieutenant Nwaro Polak

Personal Log, Cad... Lieutenant Nwaro recording.

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. Everyone always told me that graduating starfleet academy would be the proudest day of my life- that nothing else in my career would top that feeling. I guess most of them have never…

» Aya to the Brig (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 4:27am by Lieutenant Aya

Chavek had little to say to anyone, and he had little to say to Aya, either, the first time she got sent down to the brig. Aya remembered feeling nervous - this was out of her realm but the Captain had decided that their prisoner's reticence was because he didn't…

» Life

Posted on Tue Mar 25th, 2014 @ 10:44am by Commander T'Ria

It has been a long day. Two long days. And they are not over yet. Another half hour until I am finally off duty. Unless something unexpected happens which it probably will.

I am getting more and more impatient and restless and on edge. I need to meditate. Urgently so.…